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Hi! I'm Petya Edwards
I’m an entrepreneur who has built businesses on two continents and in several industries. My job is to provide you all the support you need to grow your business and get it out there!
A Message From Our Founder
Dallas Women Entrepreneurs is here for you
When I began DWE a little more than two years ago, I had a goal in mind: I saw the need for a space where women in business here in Dallas could find a community of like-minded people, women who were not finding the resources and support they needed to grow and succeed. I wanted to build that place.

Today, as a member-based organization, we remain committed to a goal of building a culture dedicated to helping women who are ready to grow and succeed in the business world while finding the connections they need to move forward.

And I want to add my own personal guarantee: When you join DWE I will put in every effort I can to help you find the success you’re looking for, but only if you are willing to meet me halfway in working toward that result.
WE’re women of Value
We are a member-based organization that provides intensive industry information and training through workshops, panel discussions, summits, masterminds, workshops, and leadership training conferences.

DWE hosts expos, retreats, social events, and community outreach programs. We offer monthly and annual memberships, as well as sponsorships, to female entrepreneurs, company and business owners, executive officers, or anyone else looking to take their business and their entrepreneurial life to the next level.
About DWE
The Dallas Women Entrepreneurs philosophy is based on a culture of achievement that empowers women with valuable connections, skills, and resources. Our mission is to provide learning tools, live events, and social support to help women identify and advance individual (and mutual) goals, obtain results, and grow both professionally and personally.

And that philosophy involves more than just attending events and workshops. All our members are encouraged to actively participate, collaborate, and contribute to the group, since success always involves more than simply showing up.

Everything we do is guided by a collaborative spirit, acceptance of others, and particular attention to the unique role of women in business today.
Who DWE is for
By design, Dallas Women Entrepreneurs is an inclusive organization built to serve women in business. Still, it’s not for everyone. Membership requires a few responsibilities from our members, and some folks simply may not be ready for that kind of challenge. We know you expect a lot from us, but we also expect a lot from you in return.
DWE is not for you if:
  • ​You aren’t prepared to be an active participant to work for the success you seek. Recess is over, and it’s time to be an adult.
  • ​You are a drama queen, a chaos cultivator, a prima donna, or someone who just needs way too much time in the spotlight. It’s not about you, sweetie…it’s about all of us.
  • ​You are more interested in tearing others down than in building all of us up. Catfights are only interesting on “reality” TV shows. DWE isn’t a TV show. We’re here to actually be real.
DWE is for you if:
  • ​You’re ready to work, to contribute, and to be a pro-active participant in the organization. It’s a team effort, and every team member has a stake in our success.
  • ​You know that there is a time and a place for drama. At DWE, we don’t have the time and we don’t provide the place for it. We’re here to work.
  • You understand that our community grows stronger when we all work together. We build each other up at DWE so we can grow and succeed.                                                                       
DWE Events
At Dallas Women Entrepreneurs, we network with purpose – to build strong and lasting relationships, to learn and grow together, to offer each other support and inspiration, and to celebrate our achievements. Join us at the next DWE expo, workshop or social event.
DWE Business Networking
When you attend DWE Business Networking events, you’ll:
  • ​Meet other women in the local business world who are facing similar challenges as you.
  •  Find and establish meaningful connections that go beyond exchanging business cards.
  • ​Stay up-to-date on developing trends in the business world, local and abroad.
  • ​Experience an environment that is business-centric and spam-free.
Upcoming Networking Events
 Wednesday, October 30, 7-9 PM
  The Nova on Preston
 Saturday, October 26, 12-4 PM
 DWE Polo Match - Dallas Polo Club
DWE Expos
Why attend?
When you attend DWE Expos, you’ll:
  • ​Meet new people and discover local businesses at DWE community expos.
  • ​Engage in events that encourage a fun spin on business, lively conversation, and enthusiasm for new ideas and perspectives.
  • ​Enjoy reserved seating and find opportunities to get involved as an exhibitor (DWE Members only)
When you attend DWE Expos as an exhibitor (DWE Members only), you’ll:
  • ​Connect with people who are already interested in your product or service and speak directly to customers and prospects.
  • ​Receive invaluable and immediate feedback in-person.
  • ​Establish contacts to help you build brand awareness, share what makes your product or service unique, and convert leads
Upcoming EXPOS
 DWE Beauty, Health & Wellness Expo, October 20 & 26, 1-4pm
Sheraton Dallas Hotel by the Galleria 
*Free and Open to the public. RSVP at www.DWEexpo.com
DWE Workshops truly embody our culture of achievement and the unique role of women in business. Each power session is designed to inspire action and produce results. Topics include:
  • ​How to create, implement and measure SMART goals and objectives.
  • ​Social media marketing: strategy and tactics.
  • ​How to develop a content strategy.
  • ​How to capture prospects and convert leads.
  • ​The secrets of effective email marketing.
  • ​Time-management and productivity hacks.
  • ​The importance of branding and fine-tuning your message. 
  • ​Understanding sales funnels.
  • ​How to write customer personas and case studies.
  • ​How to identify what isn’t working (and fix it).
Work hard-play harder! While DWE is all about achievement, we also know how important it is not to get lost in the daily grind. Periodically we organize meetups simply to relax, have fun and share stories. Getting together in social spaces provides opportunities to get to know each other better (and often inspires some of our biggest ideas). 
membership packages
*All memberships are non-refundable and renew automatically. 
  • Access to all DWE events and workshops.
  • Discounts and special offers with participating businesses.
Annual: Individual*
  • Access to all DWE events and workshops.
  • Attendance at limited-seating Mastermind Workshops.
  • Discounts and special offers with participating businesses.
  • Exclusive exhibitor credentials for expo events.
  • One Featured Member Spotlight at a DWE event.
* Some additional charges and marketing fees may apply to expo events.
  • Access for three (3) team members to all DWE events and workshops.
  • Discounts and special offers with participating businesses.
  • Exclusive exhibitor credentials for expo events.
  • One vendor space at an expo of your choice each year.
  • An invitation to present an approved Workshop for the group.
  • One Featured Member Spotlight at a DWE event.
* Some additional charges and marketing fees may apply to expo events.
Member Testimonials
What DWE Members Say About Our Group
When I first heard about DWE, I didn’t think there was value in paying dues to join, so I only went to 1 event, an expo. About a year later, I realized something needed to change as I had gotten only 1 photography client in all that time. Being new to town, I realized it’s all about who you know & that I needed to start networking, so I went to a second event. I’ve been to tons of networking events, but never stuck around because as an introvert, I felt awkward not knowing anyone. But DWE is different. Everyone was so warm & welcoming that immediately I knew I had met an incredible group of women to build community with, so I became a member. I had so much fun at my first VIP event that when Petya announced Lifetime Membership, it was a no-brainer, even though it was scary to make such a large financial commitment when I had only been to 3 events. However, joining the Lifetime Membership has already proven to be a smart investment in myself & my business. Not only have I met some amazing women & made sweet new friends, after my first expo I got a complete return on my investment and then some...and I am now a member for my LIFETIME - Just thinking about how things can only go up from here makes me so glad I took that leap of faith!!! I can’t thank Petya enough for all her hard work in creating & managing DWE. If you’re on the fence about joining, just do it!!
Candace Perry
Founder, Beautiful You Studios
I love DWE because I have been able to build relationships with a diverse group of women. These ladies have become my friends... not just someone who gave me a business card.
Michelle O’Neil
Senior Partner at O’Neil Wysocki - Family Law
I am a very proud LIFETIME member of this wonderful group Dallas Women Entrepreneurs. I joined this organization 14 months ago. It has been life changing for me in my professional and personal life. The relationships that I have been able to form within the past 14 months have been nothing less than awesome. My business has blossomed tremendously and I have made some great friends for a lifetime. The DWE founder, Petya Edwards has dedicated herself to us and wants nothing less than success for each and every member.
Joanna James
Founder, MaxPro Enterprise
Since joining DWE, I have built some high quality genuine relationships with many like-minded entrepreneurs! Everyone is so willing to help one another and as a result, my business has grown tremendously!
Julie Lucky
Founder & Director, Monat
I became a member end of 2016 and I have grown not only personally but professionally within the last few months. I am learning so much and I have also been fortunate enough to have a great mentor as well and that would be Petya Edwards. I have gained more confidence in myself and I have learned so very much from workshops and the networking events and from the amazing DWE members. I would definitely recommend becoming a part of this professional DWE networking group.
Amy Cortez James
Founder, Amy's Social Butterfly
Dallas Women Entrepreneurs has been like a family to me. I have made valuable connections for my business through genuine, authentic relationships with some of the best Texas has to offer. Not only has my business grown, DWE has opened up new platforms for speaking opportunities, media exposure, and greater brand expansion throughout the DFW. I am a DWE Lifetime member and I absolutely love it!
Rekesha Pittman
Get Write Publishing
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Sponsorships and Partnerships
Built on trust, strengthened through success...meet the Sponsors and Partners who inspire our growth
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Event Gallery
Our members know how to join together at Dallas Women Entrepreneurs. Here is a collection of images from some of our past events.
Sunset Cruise Event
Helicopter Ride & Dinner Event
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